The Route Out

"…. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"  - Declaration of Independence

Welcome to The Route Out!  If you already know about this website and its purpose, please go here and sign this declaration.  When you do so, emails and/or letters will be delivered to your Representative, your Senators and the President.  Thank you for helping us get some common sense into government and re-orient our country back to its true purpose!


Please be sure to pass this site on to as many other people as you can.  Thank you.

The Route Out

One of the primary goals of The Route Out is to build a solid foundation of conduct based on everyday common sense within the halls of our government.  This may sound simplistic, but any effective and lasting change in government has to have this.  This is our route out of the problems we face in the world today.  Read below, and click here to find out how we are making this happen, and why this is so vital to your future.

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The Way to Happiness® Videos

  The Way to Happiness videos are at the heart of our activities here at The Route Out.  Even though our primary focus is on the government, these videos aren't political in any way.  They are simply a common sense guideline for personal actions and interactions with others.  It is a foundation we can use for those who go about the business of governing our country.  The content is presented in a very simple fashion so that anyone, from any walk of life, will be able to easily understand the intent.  The video consists of short chapters that cover every aspect of life.  The series of 21 videos can be seen in their entirety or separately here.  The video below is the selection Support A Government Designed and Run for All the People.

The importance of these videos can be traced back to these famous words from the Declaration of Independence – "….life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  These videos give shape to the very essence of what this country was founded on.


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The Pledges

Our plan is for each and every person in this country to request those who represent you in government to sign a pledge to adopt the common sense values as seen in the videos above.  They are being asked by you in the sense that they are being informed that it is now a job requirement specified by their bosses – the people.  As you can see in the sidebar, we are keeping track of who signs, and of who thinks the way things are in government are just fine the way they are.  For a look at the Pledges, click here.  For a look at who you have helped encourage to sign, clickhere.


Who We Are

We here at The Route Out are just a few of the many millions upon millions of people who have suffered in this economy.  We are among the millions who can no longer just sit around and hope that someone else is going to fix things for us.  Not when we can look toward Washington, D.C. and see a government that, at best, doesn't have any sort of clear consensus on how to fix things, and at worst is horribly broken.

Our country has been the greatest source of freedom this planet has ever seen.  It has earned that distinction because of one thing – because it's a country of the people, for the people, and by the people.  We've gotten away from that.  Today, our country is being run by interests becoming more and more removed from us; the people.  So, it's time to change that.  This is what The Route Out is – one way to regain the country being run by the people; a way to get back to that essence that opened the door to freedom on this planet.

It's a way for you to get your country back.

Be a Part of History

Government is extremely powerful.  But its power only comes from what we the people allow it to have, and we've forgotten that we have a choice in how much power we can give it.  It's time that we regain control and take some of that power back.  It's time that we oversee our government.  This is an election year.  Make it clear to those running for office that signing The Route Out Pledge is a condition for office.  A government of the people, for the people, and by the people…   this is something we can truly have.

The most important words this country has ever known may very well be - 

"A government of the people, for the people, and by the people"

We're here to make sure those words have meaning.

To view the archived declaration and see the hundreds of emails sent, please click here.

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