Tomorrow we get our biannual opportunity to change the makeup of those who serve us in Washington. However, perhaps more often than not, on this one day every two years, we vote for that person who seems to be the better of the two, but not necessarily the person we would really want to have.

Here at The Route Out, we have the means to impact who we have representing us every day of the year.  We can create a world where every candidate running for office is a great choice, and our biggest problem is trying to figure out which of those two wonderful candidates we are going to finally choose.  

All we as a people have to do is just create an environment and the expectation that those who run for office apply the basic common sense precepts of The Way to Happiness.  If you look through the videos, it is hard to imagine that anyone fully apply those precepts wouldn't be someone really acting in the best interests of all of us.  Perhaps that seems like a tall order to some to get to that point, and maybe it is, but this is a ball that can get rolling pretty quickly if we all just jump on board.  

So be sure to vote tomorrow, and be sure to sign the petition.  If as many people signed the The Route Out petition as those who voted, we'd be well on our way to having a government fulling operating on a good solid foundation of common sense!