A couple of weeks ago, The Route Out established a presence on Facebook.  Many of you may be visiting this site today having first been exposed to us by our Facebook page.  For those of you that have yet to visit our Facebook page, we encourage you to do so!  We have over 900 supporters there now, and are growing by nearly 100 a day.  

For those of you making your way here for the first time, please make sure you go to this page to send your emails and letters to your representatives.  We do get attention when we send our emails and letters to Congress.  It really does make a difference.

We can understand how someone might have the idea that emails and letters are not given much attention in Washington, but we truly have a different campaign than any that have come before us.  Spend some time looking through the site to see what we are all about.  And then spend some time promoting the cause.  That's where you can really get the feel for what we as a group can do.  You will come across so many people that really get it, and really want to get our country back on track.  You'll soon have the feeling that every single email, every single letter, every single mention of The Route Out and the The Way to Happiness is making a huge difference.  You'll feel like you are getting your power back as a citizen of this country, and you'll feel like your government will be yours once again.  You'll feel like there truly is hope for the future of our country.  

So please, make yourself feel at home both here and on Facebook.