Imagine when driving on a freeway how messed up things would get if half the people on the road weren't aware of some of the basic common sense things you do on the road, like drive in the correct lane, turning lights on at night, stepping on your brake if the car in front of you stops… 

This is what we have in government today, and actually, all throughout our society. There are SO many people who have never really grasped the basic common sense fundamentals of how you conduct yourself in life, and it leaves others coming up with radical solutions to address all the problems that result from that.

It's a vicious circle, but it can be all handled so easily if everyone would just spend some time with the videos. There are so many instances where people watching the videos realize for the first time that there is a way to live their lives that can lead to a betterment of their own lives.

One might think that we should already know what is in these videos, but so many people have never been exposed to those concepts. This is why what we are doing here is so vitally important. A few minutes with the videos can change someone's life, it can solve a problem, it can bring sanity in our environment, and it can salvage our country.

Fortunately, this isn't rocket science, but it is something so easy people overlook it. Please don't. Please help what so needs your help.