While we all enjoy a day full of cookouts and fireworks, today is also a great day to be thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  The Founding Fathers took a very big step on that day in 1776 and displayed some great courage in making it known to the world that freedom was to be a reality and not just the suppressed or even unimagined dream it had been for most of this world's past.  

The Declaration of Independence was a document that for all intents and purposes set forth the goal for this country, and that is that a country was to be established wherein anyone could experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Sometimes we forget these very simple basics.  But if you really think about it, these words really do represent what all free men truly want.  

Some 200 years later, we now have something that really adds a fullness to those words.  If one watches these videos of the precepts of The Way to Happiness, and if you think of each of the precepts being fully applied by all, we would most certainly bring the words "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to fruition in the grandest sense.  

We can make July 4, 2011 a day to bring forth a resurgence of that goal set forth for this country 235 years ago.  There probably aren't many goals greater than happiness.