We at The Route Out join the rest of the country in our remembrance of 9/11.  Our thoughts go to all those who suffered losses during that tragedy.

It was certainly a trying time for the country, and there wasn't anyone who didn't feel the effects of those towers falling.  Fortunately, we as a country were able to put that tragedy behind us and move on.  And it was the people who made that happen – not the government and not the politicians.  In those days and months following the event, you couldn't step outside the house without seeing people everywhere – your neighbors, businesses, random people driving down the street – displaying their patriotism.  In spite of the terrible degree of tragedy, there was a comfort in knowing that we all were there for our country and for each other; that we all were pitching in and providing our support, even if it was just to stand up and say, "Hey, I'm an American, and being an American means something to me."  The power of a country, and the power of a country's recovery, is its people.  

Unfortunately, today, our country is hurting once again.  It needs its people to make it well once more.  These videos of The Way to Happiness exemplify in so many ways what it felt like to be an American after 9/11.  We felt like we were a good people wanting to do good things for each other.  We were a group; we were a people pulling for ourselves both individually and collectively.  We so very much still need that today.  Join us at The Route Out to bring that life back into our country.

Let's make losses and hardships for this country a thing of the past forever.