People have lots of different ideas about every president, but for most, Washington and Lincoln are ranked as two of the greatest.  These two men presided over what are probably the two most tumultuous times in our history, albeit a goodly portion of Washington's reign of leadership preceded his presidency as the leader of the colonial armed forces.

Today, as we celebrate President's Day, we look back in history and reflect on their contributions to the rise and perseverance of our great country.  We should note, though, that they both served during times when a lot of the citizens stood up and gave their all for this country as well.  In fact, untold thousands gave their lives to forward the cause of the existence of the United States.

We have the same opportunity to contribute to history today as well.  While most of us don't have to have to put our lives on the line, we can sure stand up and make sure our country maintains its goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These two men helped give us the means to live in a world of freedom and prosperity.  Perhaps the best way we can honor them today is to take full advantage of the opportunities they have afforded us.  Getting our government operating on a solid foundation of common sense will have history one day looking upon us with reverence as well.  Check out the rest of the site, sign the declaration and send your letters and/or emails to your representatives.  History can be made today.