2. The Foundation

Many of us become Americans simply by virtue of being born within the appropriate borders.  Others become so by waiting around a long time, filling out forms and taking tests.  But going about the business of being an American is sorely lacking any sort of a training manual.  Certainly along the way we pick up enough of life’s basics to forge out a survival, but if you look at life in this country today, I think you’d be really hard pressed to say that collectively we were doing the very best we could be doing with it.

Almost any skill, discipline, or activity has some sort of fundamental basics, and especially so when it includes a large group of people.  People have to have some sort of agreements by which they can expect to carry out any of those activities and to be able to interact with each other.   But these basics seem to be missing from the arena of living life in general.  

There is certainly a sense that living a life requires the need of some basic principles, as parents know to try to teach their child the best that they can, and the rules and laws we make within our society try to follow what we seem to think would be the right thing to do, but in society as a whole, a fair scrutiny would have to say it is all hit and miss, with the miss too often ruling the day.  

But now, that can all change.  Because now, we have the opportunity to take advantage of something that thoroughly defines the way to live a happy life for each and every one of us.  This opportunity presents itself in the form of a video, and once you see it, it will be obvious how something so simple can so dramatically change our world.

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