Senator Letter


Dear Senator,


I am writing to you today because our country is mired in some very difficult problems and there needs to be some very creative and effective solutions to get this country back on track.  It would seem like the best solution should be one that well received by all, but more often than not it seems like Congress is a very contentious place with very little overall agreement on anything.  As the citizens of this country whose responsibility it is to put you in office, we are now also taking the responsibility to create a more fertile ground for bringing forth those best solutions.


We all need to step back and get a more solid footing on how we behave as individuals and interact with others.  This isn’t a personal indictment of anyone in particular.  We are all in this together, and we’ve all contributed to the world we have today.


I would like for you to go to and watch this video.  It is probably the most incredible primer of basic human conduct ever compiled.  If everyone in this country were to adopt the precepts of this video as a guide for their own lives the biggest problems we face as a country would likely fade away overnight.  As such, given your leadership position, I am asking that you step to the forefront and adopt these precepts both personally and professionally.  If your lead is followed by your fellow Congressman, we will soon see a renaissance not seen since the days of our founding fathers.


In the coming months, you and your fellow Senators will be asked to sign a pledge to adopt the precepts of The Way to Happiness as a basis for governing our country.  If we have learned anything during our collective lifetimes, it’s that the status quo is not a successful operating basis.  We have to make a change.  The most logical change is to step back for a minute and get everyone at square one with a proper reference on how to live one’s life, and how to interact with others.  Many people who have done so have found their lives to have vastly and positively changed.


If you go to the website, you will see that a movement is underway to inform every one of your constituents that you have the opportunity to sign this pledge, and to actively take the lead in moving our country in a direction of civility and respect not only to each other, but to ourselves as well.  It is hard to fathom that any decent person could not look at this video and not see that these precepts, if followed, would lead to a society tremendously more elevated than the one we have today.  Consequently, it would follow that any decent person would have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why anyone wouldn’t want to follow those precepts as well.


On the website, you will find instructions on how to send us your signed copy of the pledge.  The site will display a log of those who have signed, and those who haven’t, so the people will be able to see who has agreed to join the ranks of those striving for a better America.


As a side note, this video has only recently been made available, and The Route Out has subsequently only recently started this campaign, so you have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate yourself to be a true leader.  After all, there are leaders, followers, and those who destroy through a misguided allegiance only to themselves.  The leaders are few, the followers are great in number, and the third group, well, they are too many no matter what the number.   But we need leaders in Washington, not followers.  And if you have to play catch-up signing the pledge after that becomes the norm, people might take notice of that.


As this video resounds so deeply with those who see it, and as the number of people who see it rises exponentially in the next few months, I can see great changes coming in the fundamental core of our society.  I am very much looking forward to you being a part of that.  History will shine brightly on you if you step to forefront and lead.  This is will be a watershed moment in our history, and if you get out in front of the wave, you will make that difference you went to Washington to make.  Don’t wait for anyone else to decide for you that it’s okay to step forward.  Be a true leader.


Best regards,


The Route Out