3. The Way To Happiness

In living life we are obviously confronted by the world around us.  How do we interact with this world?  We have parents, children, bosses, car payments, TV, rush hour traffic, national debates in Washington, and on and on and on demanding our attention every day.  How do we go about deciding how we deal with it all?  

Ideally, it would be nice to have something that could define some sort of standard and appropriate conduct when engaged in all these activities.  In such a way, we’d know that we’d be dealing with others as they might expect and they’d deal with us as we might expect.  This would most likely lead to a lot more happiness in this world.  

Everything I’ve said will hopefully make a lot more sense by clicking here and watching this video.  The Way to Happiness defines 21 precepts, or rules that we can use as a guideline to live a happy life.  And just remember while watching this video, that while you might think, “Of course, that just makes sense,” there are millions of people out there really thinking about these things for the first time.  And I am talking about really thinking about these things – to the extent that it changes their lives.  Just think how much one’s life might change if one, two, eight, or 10 of these precepts were something newly considered for the first time?  

Or just think what sort of difference it might make if everyone decided to follow even just one of these.  Do not make the mistake of selling this sort of idea short.  If everyone woke up tomorrow and decided that they would never think of stealing anything, wouldn’t that make for a dramatic impact?  And before you think that couldn’t ever happen, then we need to have you think again.  You are right that it would never happen in the world we live in today, because it’s a world that has no fundamental guide for living life.  It is, however, something that can happen in a world that does have a fundamental guide for living life.  

Don’t fall into the trap that has one thinking that all the problems of the world are just the way things naturally gravitate.  There is no basis at all for such thought.  In fact, it is quite easy to see the opposite.  We can all think of areas of life where things are organized and run smoothly.  Now those are scenarios that seem natural.  When you, and everyone else who comes to this site, agree that the fundamental truths in the video make sense, then a world with a natural sense of order will come into being.

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