4. Plan of Action

Our plan is to get every member of government to realize they need adopt these precepts as personal polices for their own lives and for the manner in which they govern.  We will soon have a government that operates totally on the basis of sound moral conduct.  

For those of you who might think that this is too much to ask, which of these precepts do you think others would find too inappropriate to apply to their own lives?  And what would you think of a Congressman who would say no to not being able to apply these precepts?  

Just image for a moment that everyone in Washington adopted these precepts – we would have an environment where everyone would be truthful, facts would be properly represented, and everyone would conduct themselves in a manner we could all be proud of.  Perhaps we wouldn’t instantly create this utopia, but we would at least be on the right path to get there.  

So here’s how we are going to bring this about.  We are going to mail, email, fax, text, or call to express our desire that each and every member of all three branches of government adopt the precepts of The Way to Happiness.  I can understand why that task may seem like a futile effort, because society teaches us that we as single individuals can’t make a difference.  But because just the opposite is true, we are going to make a difference, and we’ll be using the wonderful world of math to help us out.  

We can bring it all about if you do two things – 1) after you watch the video (or before if you just can’t wait) contact your representatives, and others if you like, to let them know they need to sign The Way to Happiness Pledge, and 2) get two other people to come to this website to do the same.  

We’ll go over shortly how that alone is enough to radically change things in our government.  

And we’ve made those two things very easy to do.

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