6. The Aftermath

So what will come of things five months from now when we’ve all instructed those running our country what we want them to do?  Let’s not forget that after those months have come and gone, we’re about a half a year away from the next major elections.   

Aside from the fact that those in office are aware that their constituents want them to lead based on some very common sense guidelines, the vast majority of those in Congress are going to see the value in this as well.  In fact, I’m sure many will recognize that soon after they see the video.  But change doesn’t always come easy, and unfortunately, there may be those in positions high in government who will fight to keep moral codes out of Congress.  When people are happy, dealing with others respectfully, and living honest lives, that’s not something that bodes well for those who hang on to their power through unscrupulous means.  It’s only in a confused world that isn’t anchored by sound moral values that ill intentioned people can get away with being ill intentioned. 

But nevertheless, because we have done our jobs and made our voices heard in such unprecedented numbers, we can elicit the change we need, and those who have honestly signed the pledge will do well in their races, and those who haven’t will flounder along the way and garner a pitiful handful of votes.  Those who wish to do good will find their seat in Washington, and those who wish to do otherwise will find themselves for the first time in the last two centuries sitting on the sidelines.   

You might think this sounds a whole lot like wishful thinking, but it’s a whole lot less than that than you might think.  The world we live in today is the way it is merely because that’s the way we’ve decided it should be.  Maybe we haven’t done that consciously, or purposefully, or with desire.  But the world we see around us is the sum of our collective decisions.  All we have to do is change our minds, and life changes.  It is really just that simple.   

So don’t get stuck in the trap of seeing tomorrow’s world through today’s eyes.  Let’s just make tomorrow be the day we really want it to be.  

Now once we’ve got everyone on the same page and operating with a strong moral code, will that be enough to solve all of the problems we face today?  That would probably be hard for anyone to say.  But what we will have done is to establish an environment where sane and rational solutions can be posed that have a chance to be supported by all.  If the fundamental foundation is there, the results that we all want have a very real possibility to follow. 

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