About Us


The Route Out was founded with the purpose to help lay a much needed foundation for our society.  It seems that so many people want change, but either can’t agree on what that change should be or don’t like or are afraid of the change that is so often forced upon them.  Those of us in The Route Out realized that the change that was most needed was to take a step back and put in a good, solid, and properly intentioned foundation with respect to how we can go about the business of being Americans.  With the advent of The Way To Happiness video, we now have the means to bring about that goal.

While those of us in The Route Out have political views and various philosophies of life, just like everyone else, none of those are pertinent within the scope of this group.  We believe ours is a point that can be universally accepted by any political viewpoint there may be.

Everyone is welcome to consider themselves to be a member of The Route Out.  We do ask though that any prospective member adopts The Way to Happiness as their own personal guide to common sense and to present the content of this website to at least two others.

The Route Out has no revenue source other than those contributions from individuals who share in the desire to make this a better planet.  We are a non-profit group, and any help we can get is very much appreciated.