A Note to Those in Office

You’ve been asked to come to this site and to sign The Way to Happiness Pledge.  That request as made because we, the people, need to ensure that our government is being run with those in office operating with a good solid foundation of common sense.

It is not our intent here to denigrate anyone in our government in any way, however, it must be understood that things in this country are not in very good shape right now, and the public perception of Congress is very low.  Public perception of the administration is not great overall either.  Regardless of how you as an individual officeholder might think of yourself and the job you are doing, it is the result here that matters the most.   

If you are one who thinks that you’ve for some reason inherited a bad situation and are busy making it better, that’s great.  But you must be aware that we as a people are busy here making things better too, and that’s the purpose of this site. 

We would ask that while you have this site open on your computer that you remember you are one of us too.  You are one of the people.  In fact, maybe it would be a worthwhile exercise to read what is here as one of the people, and then from that perspective apply that to your position as an officeholder.  

We look forward to receiving your pledge and working with you for a better future.

“Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected." – George Washington