7. Beyond the Math

While it is indeed a major goal to get Congress to adopt a set of moral codes for the group and for themselves, it is really only a sub goal of a much larger goal – to help the entirety of society to adopt them.  Getting Congress to follow our lead is a good way to open that door because that is the only national institution in which we as a people really have a say in how the members conduct themselves.  And, because their actions have an effect on us all, then they can further help us infuse our country with a happiness we could all welcome.  

So, immediately following on the heels of our Congressmen becoming wonderful people, we will focus our attention on that segment of society that is tabbed to keep us abreast of such goings on in Congress — the news media.  

These individual organizations will also be given the opportunity to adopt The Way To Happiness as a moral compass for their groups.  And as the watchdog of such things, we will be keeping tabs on those who do, and those who don’t.  While it would be great for anyone who wishes to contact any form of media you so choose to urge them to adopt The Way to Happiness, this page right here is their formal invitation to do so.  We are going to assume that news organizations won’t have any difficulty finding their way here once we start making an impact in Washington.

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