8. The World We See

The policies of government and the outside world as relayed by the media have a tremendous impact on our lives.  How often have you felt information coming from these sources that have actually affected the way you feel?  If we can influence those things, we will make such a huge step forward to lifting up our society.  But, of course, we are influenced so much as well by groups such as our schools, the companies we work for, our neighborhoods, our families, our circle of friends, and any other grouping we find ourselves in day after day. 

How wonderful would it be if all of those groups followed The Way to Happiness?  It is beyond the scope of The Route Out to monitor any of those such groups.  But it is within our scope to reach everyone in all of those groups while carrying forward with the task of getting our leaders on solid footing. 

Each of us has some influence in all of the above groups whether it is the president of a company, a teacher, the chief of police, a mom or a dad, or maybe just someone who has friends.  We are going to change the world around us from top to bottom.  Just make sure that you get two new sets of eyes to see the video, and a new day will be here before you know it.   

Remember, the world we live in is the world we create.  Sit back and do nothing, and you get a world where others run roughshod over you.  But take an active role in creating the world around you, and it will fall into place.  It really isn’t that hard.  Just make the decision that you will make a difference, and you will.  And with The Way to Happiness and The Route Out, you’ve got a lot of friends helping you.  It’s going to take each of us by ourselves to make the difference, but none of us is alone.