B. Senators


The Route Out Pledge

for Senators

As a member of Congress, I understand that among others I have the following purposes:

To govern or legislate in a manner that best serves the needs of not only my constituents but for the country as a whole.

To execute the duties of my office in an ethical, competent, and professional manner.

To be fiscally responsible with the people's money.

To execute the duties of my office in a manner where I truthfully represent all facts and positions to both my colleagues and the American people, and that does not involve any sort of falsehoods, misrepresentation of facts or positions, or misuse of any of the power or perks awarded to me by my position.

As such, as a means to assist in the assurance of the above purposes, I hereby pledge:

To adopt for my office and myself personally the precepts of The Way to Happiness as a guide for my conduct in my professional and personal life. To make it a policy for my staff to do the same.

To make it policy that anyone seeking to influence my actions or my vote will need to view The Way to Happiness video prior to any appointments with me.

To make sure that any legislative or governing acts with which I may be involved is aligned as much as possible with the precepts of the The Way to Happiness.

To add the link to the Way To Happiness video on my office website.

To create a position on my staff to be in charge of monitoring all of the above

As a result of such actions, I can envision and will work toward a country where:

Our societal ills are lessened dramatically

The people of this country treat each other with respect without the need of overbearing legislative influence.

Congress becomes a highly respected institution that can bring forth effective solutions to today's problems.

People with different views of how this country should tackle the future can express those views in a civil and constructive manner for the benefit of all.

Senator's Pledge (PDF file for downloading)