Election Day

Election Day


Tomorrow we get our biannual opportunity to change the makeup of those who serve us in Washington. However, perhaps more often than not, on this one day every two years, we vote for that person who seems to be the better of the two, but not necessarily the person we would really want to have.

Here at The Route Out, we have the means to impact who we have representing us every day of the year.  We can create a world where every candidate running for office is a great choice, and our biggest problem is trying to figure out which of those two wonderful candidates we are going to finally choose.  

All we as a people have to do is just create an environment and the expectation that those who run for office apply the basic common sense precepts of The Way to Happiness.  If you look through the videos, it is hard to imagine that anyone fully apply those precepts wouldn't be someone really acting in the best interests of all of us.  Perhaps that seems like a tall order to some to get to that point, and maybe it is, but this is a ball that can get rolling pretty quickly if we all just jump on board.  

So be sure to vote tomorrow, and be sure to sign the petition.  If as many people signed the The Route Out petition as those who voted, we'd be well on our way to having a government fulling operating on a good solid foundation of common sense!  

President’s Day


People have lots of different ideas about every president, but for most, Washington and Lincoln are ranked as two of the greatest.  These two men presided over what are probably the two most tumultuous times in our history, albeit a goodly portion of Washington's reign of leadership preceded his presidency as the leader of the colonial armed forces.

Today, as we celebrate President's Day, we look back in history and reflect on their contributions to the rise and perseverance of our great country.  We should note, though, that they both served during times when a lot of the citizens stood up and gave their all for this country as well.  In fact, untold thousands gave their lives to forward the cause of the existence of the United States.

We have the same opportunity to contribute to history today as well.  While most of us don't have to have to put our lives on the line, we can sure stand up and make sure our country maintains its goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These two men helped give us the means to live in a world of freedom and prosperity.  Perhaps the best way we can honor them today is to take full advantage of the opportunities they have afforded us.  Getting our government operating on a solid foundation of common sense will have history one day looking upon us with reverence as well.  Check out the rest of the site, sign the declaration and send your letters and/or emails to your representatives.  History can be made today.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

The Route Out would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  May the good tidings to all blossom into a wonderful coming year!  


Christmas Eve

For all those people out there who are scrambling for those last minute gifts, just remember there is a very simple one that is very easy to get, will be used every day, and will last a lifetime.  It's the gift of happiness.  Along with all the other gifts, do something special for your friends and family and give them this wonderful gift.  Simply click here – The Way to Happiness videos - and let life never be the same again!  

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

We at The Route Out join the rest of the country in our remembrance of 9/11.  Our thoughts go to all those who suffered losses during that tragedy.

It was certainly a trying time for the country, and there wasn't anyone who didn't feel the effects of those towers falling.  Fortunately, we as a country were able to put that tragedy behind us and move on.  And it was the people who made that happen – not the government and not the politicians.  In those days and months following the event, you couldn't step outside the house without seeing people everywhere – your neighbors, businesses, random people driving down the street – displaying their patriotism.  In spite of the terrible degree of tragedy, there was a comfort in knowing that we all were there for our country and for each other; that we all were pitching in and providing our support, even if it was just to stand up and say, "Hey, I'm an American, and being an American means something to me."  The power of a country, and the power of a country's recovery, is its people.  

Unfortunately, today, our country is hurting once again.  It needs its people to make it well once more.  These videos of The Way to Happiness exemplify in so many ways what it felt like to be an American after 9/11.  We felt like we were a good people wanting to do good things for each other.  We were a group; we were a people pulling for ourselves both individually and collectively.  We so very much still need that today.  Join us at The Route Out to bring that life back into our country.

Let's make losses and hardships for this country a thing of the past forever.

The Fourth of July

While we all enjoy a day full of cookouts and fireworks, today is also a great day to be thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  The Founding Fathers took a very big step on that day in 1776 and displayed some great courage in making it known to the world that freedom was to be a reality and not just the suppressed or even unimagined dream it had been for most of this world's past.  

The Declaration of Independence was a document that for all intents and purposes set forth the goal for this country, and that is that a country was to be established wherein anyone could experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Sometimes we forget these very simple basics.  But if you really think about it, these words really do represent what all free men truly want.  

Some 200 years later, we now have something that really adds a fullness to those words.  If one watches these videos of the precepts of The Way to Happiness, and if you think of each of the precepts being fully applied by all, we would most certainly bring the words "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to fruition in the grandest sense.  

We can make July 4, 2011 a day to bring forth a resurgence of that goal set forth for this country 235 years ago.  There probably aren't many goals greater than happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there, The Route Out wishes you a Happy Mother's Day!  And for all the rest, what better gift could you give your mom than to have those around her putting all the precepts of The Way to Happiness in practice?  Mom's want their families to be happy.  Today is a great day to start making sure that happens!  

Confidence in Government Drops

According to a recent ABC news poll, confidence in government is at a 35 year low.  

Most people in this country seem to treat our government like some sort of spectator sport.  They just watch and complain.  But this is our government; of the people, by the people and for the people.  One of the greatest things we've been given with our government – the fact that it is ours – is one thing so many people just discard.  If we will just wake up to a new day, remember that this is our government, and we all start taking action, that confidence in government will soar.

The Debt

The Debt

The US debt is now equal the the total gross national product.  Thirteen trillion dollars.  This is a number so large that it's beyond the scope of any sort of comprehension.  $13,000,000,000,000.  And we didn't just sneak up on it, we've hit it with the gas pedal pressed to the floor.  Our country is in serious, serious trouble unless something big changes soon. 

We can't wait.  We, the people, have to do something now.  Anyone who puts off the notion that they need to do something is just kidding themselves.  Nothing we have is going to matter or make any difference in a few years if we don't have a country to live in.  

Right here, and right now, we have something that everyone in this country can do.  It isn't the only thing, but anything that has a chance of turning our country around won't work unless we have the precepts of The Way to Happiness in place in society, or something similar, to use as a foundation.  We can't wait any longer, we've waited far too long already.  Sign the declaration and send your emails and letters.  They do make a difference.  Our site gets visits from DC all the time. It's time to step things up a notch!



This is a stack of 13 trillion dollars in one hundred dollar bills.  Note the person in the lower left hand corner.

The Direction of the Country


According to Gallup, 81% of the people in the US don't like the direction we are going.  This number hasn't changed much in quite some time, and doesn't appear to be budging up much at all.

It is time to do something about that. It makes little sense for the people to put up with things they don't like.  We have the potential to make the number of people who are satisfied to jump up dramatically.  And it is so very simple to do.  Giving the people the foundation for happiness is the key to life.  The Way to Happiness is that key.