E. Media

The Route Out Pledge

for the Media

As a member of media, and given our position to influence the people of the country with the information we present, we understand that among others we have the following purposes:

To present to the public only factual information, unless it is otherwise noted as opinion or speculation.

To present to the public information that has no bias, unless that bias is clearly stated along with the information.

To not filter the news in any way, even if it is counter to our own personal beliefs, if we consider ourselves to be a news organization

To not align ourselves with any political positions, unless clearly stated.

As such, as a means to assist in the assurance of the above purposes, we hereby pledge:

To adopt for organization the precepts of The Way to Happiness. 

To have the entire staff view the video and adopt The Way to Happiness precepts with regard to performing their duties within the organzation.

To make it policy that anyone seeking to influence the content of our news in any way views The Way to Happiness video before any discussions take place.

To add the link to the Way To Happiness video to our news website.

To create a position on my staff to be in charge of monitoring all of the above

As a result of such actions, we can envision and will work toward a country where:

The people get factual and unbiased information.

The people can make the best possible choices for those they wish to put in office.

The news organizations only convey news, and do not in any way sway opinion based on news content.

The news organizations become trusted sources of information.