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The Petitions

For those in the US – The Route Out Petition

All you need to do is simply go to this link, fill out your name (if you wish), your email address and your zip code, and you're done.  When you click the Sign The Petition button, you can then have emails and/or letters send our message from you to your Representatives, your Senators, and the President.  The emails are free, the letters cost $9.  We aren't asking that you spend any money, but if you'd like to do so, by all means do so.  Your full name won't show up on the petition page, so your identity will remain unknown.

For non-citizens of the US - The International Route Out Petition

There are many people outside the US who would like to forward our cause, and they are most welcome to do . However, given that we are set up to send emails and letters to those in our government specifically, help from outside the US will come in a slightly different form.  The emails and letters sent by anyone outside the US will be addressed to the President, and address him from the perspective of a non US citizen.

Since our format is set up for US residents, there are some extra steps that need to be taken to make this work.  When you go to the International Route Out Petition Page, enter your name, email address, and then for the Zip Code enter the number 92780.  You can also add any public comments you wish to add at this time.  Then click on 'Sign the Petition'.

On the next page, at the top of the letter, at the end of the first sentence add the city and country from where you are sending the email.  You can also change any of the body of the letter that you would like to change.

Below the letter, select the appropriate title – Mr., Mrs., etc.  For the street address put in 1170 Tustin Ave.  In the box below, put in #922.

Click on 'Preview Letters'.

The letter as it will be sent will be shown.  At the bottom of the letter, there is an 'Edit Letter' link that will allow you to make any changes you might with to the letter.  If the letter is satisfactory, then you may click on the button to send it as an email, or as both and email and a letter.

Further Contact

If you wish to have further contact with your representatives, you can find all of the contact information below.

All of the contact information for the various offices of the Senators and Representatives can be found by going here.  If you type in your address, this site locates your representatives in Congress.

Contact information for Governors can be found here.

Contact information for the President can be found here

You can call, send a fax, mail a letter, or send an email.   

All email to those referenced above will need to be sent through each individual representative’s website.  There are no individual email addresses available.  The links to those pages are provided.

If you mail a letter or send a fax, while you can certainly compose a message of your own, you may also send one of these letters.  These are the letters that The Route Out sends to the various offices in government.   Even though this letter may be sent thousands of times, it might take that many times to get to the eyes of the right person.  So the more times they get it, the better. 

These letters are probably too long to send in the email.  However, you can certainly link them to the page here on this website that has the letter and the pledge.  Or you can simply just convey in any manner you wish regarding your desired that they sign the pledge.  To make it easier for those of you who are short on time, we have provided a message that you can copy and paste into the message box on your representative’s page:

As one of your constituents, I would like for you know that I am now requiring that anyone I'll be voting for in the future will need to sign The Route Out Pledge, which can be found at therouteout.com.  In addition, as my current representative, I am asking that you sign the pledge now.  As you will see while looking at the site, the purpose is to make sure that the conduct of our government is based on good solid common sense.  My fellow citizens and I are asking that everyone in government adopt this common sense approach to going about the duties of their office.  This will be of a great benefit to us all, and certainly yourself included.  Please follow the instructions on the site so that you are properly recognized for taking the lead in bringing this all about.  Thank you.