B. Congressional Instructions


The way this works all works is pretty simple.  As a Senator or Representative, simply print out the pledge, sign it, and mail it to The Route Out, 1170 Irvine Blvd #922, Tustin, CA 92780, follow the actions steps in the pledge, and then get busy starting a new world.  We’ll update your status here on the site so that they whole world will know of and be able to recognize the commitment you’ve made to make this a better society.  The pledges can be found here, and at the bottom of the pledge page is a link for a pdf file for printing.

As an alternative, the pledge may be scanned and sent to pledges@therouteout.com.   

Please make sure the signed pledges have been printed out on official letterhead so that we may be able to confirm authenticity of the pledges. 

Please remember that we keep track of when pledges are signed so that the American public has a better idea of how quickly their representatives have joined The Route Out.  The date that we receive the pledge is the date we will use for our records.  We will acknowledge the receipt of the pledge, but please check to make sure that we have our records updated properly.  

In addition, we would like confirmation of the action steps, those being -

1) The viewing of the videos by all your staff

2) The implantation of the procedures to have all guests view the video

3) The link to the video is posted on your website

4) The appointment of someone on your staff to oversee all of the above.

We expect to receive confirmation of the above within 30 days of notification that you've signed the pledge. 

You can click here for a copy of the confirmation page (coming soon).  Once again, please copy on official letterhead and sign.

You can go here to check on your status.