C. Those Running for Office


The purpose of The Route Out is put in place a government that follows the basic precepts of how man deals with man.  While it is our hope that everyone currently in office will jump up and down with joy for the chance to join us, there is a very real possibility that there will be a few who will have a hard time cleaning up their act.   In such a case, a good solution to that problem is to elect someone to office who actively embraces the precepts of The Way to Happiness.   

Acquiring the names of all those people running for office is currently beyond the administrative ability of The Route Out.  However, we welcome the opportunity to promote anyone running for office who wishes to sign The Route Out Pledge.   

All that is required is to send a signed pledge to The Route Out, 1170 Irvine Blvd #922, Tustin, CA  92780 and the particulars of the office you are currently running for.  We’ll make sure your pledge is duly noted, and you’ll be given the same access for exposure as anyone currently in office. 

Given the amount of affinity the public at large has for The Way to Happiness, this likely will be a very good campaign point.  

We definitely welcome hearing from you.