Who Has Signed


We are keeping tabs on what members of government have signed the pledge, so you’ll know whether or not your representative agrees that he or she should infuse their activities with a common sense or not.  Not only that, but we are keeping track of when your representative signs the pledge, because it says a lot for someone to take the lead in putting our country back on a path of common sense.  It also says a lot when someone brings up the tail end on such a thing.  When you look at the status page for each state, you’ll see the ranking for the representatives compared to others in their state, as well as their national rank.  Click here for the individual state statuses.


Since the media does so much to shape perceptions in this country, we of course want to make sure that they handle that public trust with as much care as possible as well.  So, the major media is tracked as well, with respect to the signing of their own pledges.  Click here for the major media listings.

Those running for office

One of the major goals of The Route Out is to get people in office who are committed to legislating or governing with common sense.  An individual running for office who has signed the pledge before the election is someone on the right track.  You may click here to see who has signed the pledge.

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