Name   Status
 Barack Obama D Not signed



Name   Cabinet Post Status
 Sec. Hillary Clinton D Department of State  Not signed
 Sec. Timothy F. Geithner D  Department of the Treasury  Not signed
 Sec. Robert M. Gates   Department of Defense   Not signed
 Att. Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr.    Department of Justice  Not signed
 Sec. Kenneth L. Salazar    Department of the Interior  Not signed
 Sec. Thomas J. Vilsack   Department of Agriculture   Not signed
 Sec. Gary F. Locke   Department of Commerce   Not signed
 Sec. Hilda L. Solis   Department of Labor   Not signed
 Sec. Kathleen Sebelius   Department of Health and Human Services  Not signed
 Sec. Shaun L. S. Donovan    Department of Housing and Urban Dev.  Not signed
 Sec. Ray LaHood    Department of Transportation  Not signed
 Sec. Steven Chu    Department of Energy  Not signed
 Sec. Arne Duncan   Department of Education  Not signed
 Sec. Eric K. Shinseki   Department of Veterans Affairs  Not signed
 Sec. Janet A Napolitano   Department of Homeland Security  Not signed