If there is one thing everyone could probably agree on today, it's that our country and our world need help.  Our country is beset with so many problems of such overwhelming magnitude, and it's really hard to imagine that there can be a way out.  With no offense intended to anyone, it's hard to look to Washington and see that our government is in any shape to right the ship.  For the people of the country, it's not obvious that there is anywhere to turn to find tomorrow getting much better.

But, even as dark as things may look on the horizon, there is hope.  Because deep down, man is basically good and is capable of great things.  Sometimes that greatness gets lost or misplaced and the best we end up with is confusion.  But there is a way to get things on track, and coax out that greatness that we as a nation, and we as its people, are capable of. 

Sensible Conduct

What is missing in our society to some degree is the simple agreement of our basic conduct and how we interact with each other – things such as being trustworthy, being competent, being fair with each other, or giving to others what we would wish for ourselves.  It's not hard to imagine that our government could benefit from some of these such elements.  If we could give a specific definition to these things, and rally around them, and then demand that those in power truly structure their lives and activities around these definitions, then we just may have a chance to find a way out of the messes we are in today.

The Route Out

Fortunately for us, this sensible conduct has been defined, and it's been done so in a way that can communicate to nearly everyone.  It's in the form of a series of videos, and collectively these are called The Way to Happiness (more about the videos).  They can be seen here. The purpose of our group and this site is to get our elected officials (and others) to sign a pledge to adopt these concepts of common sense both personally and professionally.  Just imagine all of our elected officials behaving as you’ve seen in those videos.  It would truly be a different world. We are going to make that happen.

In order to bring this about, simply sign this petition.  This particular petition is actually more than just a petition.  When you provide your name and ZIP code, an email is sent to your Representative, your Senators, and the President informing them that you desire that they sign a Pledge to adopt The Way to Happiness as a guide for their activities while fulfilling the duties of their office. 

Then pass word of this website on to a minimum of two other people and make sure that they do the same.

If we all do this, we will bring about a watershed moment in our history, and more importantly, salvage a world we cannot only live in, but live in with greater comfort than ever before.  You can one day, and on a day very soon, be quite proud of your contribution to a great moment in history.  And we will truly be on the route out of the quagmire we’re in today.

The above is a very short abbreviation of what we’re about, why we’re about, and everything else we want to accomplish.  The full scope can be found starting here, and for those who have some time, you are very welcome to spend some time with us on the following pages.  We welcome and need your support.

Thank you.

"True happiness is not attained through self gratification but through fidelity to a worthy cause". – Thomas Jefferson