Power of One


It might be that one might be inclined to think that there is little that one person can do.  After all, there are 300 million people in this country, what can one voice really do?

But everything that has ever happened on this planet has had at its source the idea of a single individual.  For sure, there are groups we can look at throughout history that have been responsible for a lot of things, but the genesis of that group came from someone.  And the best of those groups were those where those who made up the group were being ‘someones’ as well.

So in reality, the individual and his individual actions are the only things we have that will make a positive difference.  If you’ve ever been led to believe that that isn’t true, that’s because, unfortunately, there are some not too nice people out there who don’t want you to make a difference.  And in fact, our society is full of efforts to make people not only feel like they can't make a difference, but that the only way they can survive is to be dependent on someone else, such as the government.

So we are all here to make a difference.  We are going to make significant changes in this country and we’re going to look in the mirror every morning and know that we have made a difference.  The difference.