Tomorrow’s Eyes


When a painter paints a picture, he doesn’t look at the canvas and see nothing but a blank canvas, he sees the image that he wants to create, and then with the proper tools and materials, with deft brushstrokes brings that image into being.  He sees the canvas as it will be tomorrow, not what it is today.

That’s how we approach the new world we are bringing into being with The Way to Happiness.  We see the world we want, and with our proper tools, the video and the people of this country, we can bring that world into being.

It is all too easy to look at the world with today’s eyes and think that change isn’t possible, because we only see in today those things that make up whatever today is, just as looking at that blank canvas with today’s eyes will only see a blank canvas.   The reality of today is so strong, that we forget that we can step into tomorrow to see what we want it to be.  We forget that just because one set of circumstances creates what we have around us today that we can have an entirely different set of circumstances creating an entirely different world around us tomorrow.  To change those sets of circumstances requires only two things – to see the world the way you want it with tomorrow’s eyes, and then decide that’s what tomorrow will be.  If we all decide together, it’s a done deal.

So if you can imagine that we can have a world where no one cheats or lies, where we all treat others with respect, everyone is happy and productive and no one steals, then tomorrow eye’s will be treated to a wonderful world.