Our Goal

Our country, and the world, for that matter, is in a pretty rough stretch right now.  We’re facing a lot of serious problems, and while there are people here and there who think they have some of the answers, the fact of the matter is that those answers aren’t so obvious that they are welcomed by overwhelming majorities.  In fact, for a great number of the solutions posed out of Washington, it’s quite common that at least half of the country think that solution is just going to make matters worse.  

It’s time that we changed that.  It’s time to have a government that makes sense to the majority of the people, and a government that presents solutions that truly work.  With the magnitude of the problems we are facing today, it’s quite likely we are at a crossroads, either we change things so that we can get things on track, or we end up spiraling down to a point we can never recover.  

Our goal is to help out our government from our responsibility as the people; to put it on a footing where decisions and actions taking in Washington are practical, workable and in the best interests of the people.  After all, that’s the only reason that the government is there – for the people.  For us.  For a lot of us, it seems like maybe government has forgotten that.  

We aren’t here to put blame on anyone, but we are here to start a new dawn of government, one that truly embodies that classic phrase, ‘we the people’.

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