Who Says No?


Most people immediately recognize the value of having a strong and sensible moral code.  And that includes a lot of people who didn’t necessarily think so before actually taking the time to really take a good look at a look at something like The Way to Happiness video.  However, there are those who might not catch on right away. And there might even be a few who might never want to sign it. So who might these people be?  And why is it important to pay attention to those who don’t?  Honest people who wish to deal with others with the best of intentions should be happy to sign the pledge.  So it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to think that the opposite would be true, and that being that they want to be dishonest or not deal with others with good intentions.  There could be other reasons, of course, like those below - 

  • They haven’t seen the opportunity to do so.  Well, if they don’t themselves in a position to listen to what the people say, then can we really expect that they would be doing a good job of representing us?
  • They follow some other moral code.  Great.  We’re glad to hear that.  But what we also want to hear are the precepts from The Way to Happiness that would be a problem to follow as well.  We are more than happy to keep track of that for them here.
  • They have to wait until one of their leaders say it’s okay.  Which do you think would make for a better representative, someone who thinks for themselves or has to be led by a party leader who doesn’t have anything to do with your state or your district?
  • They don’t want to commit to following the precepts.  This would probably be a pretty telling point about some not so good things.
  • They don’t want to be one of the first ones to sign the pledge.  Isn’t being the first something a leading would typically do?

 Maybe someone will come up with a good reason to not sign, and if they do, we’ll make sure to let that be known here. But for now, we’re thinking that not signing the pledge is indicative of those things we don’t want in office, and it might be time for those guys to sit out after the next election.

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    about 12 years ago

    Why The Route Out inspired me:
    I am an artist with international background. Born and  raised in Switzerland I  have lived in several countries. My husband is American and I have made the USA my permanent home. I love freedom and I love the USA and it's Constitution!   I am fond of Europe too, but grew very tired of it's bigotry and creeping, incremental socialism…. The USA is the last free bastion on earth and I was getting  very concerned over it's course in the last few years. I was also concerned that "we the people" were not  impacting enough to prevent  the political dooms day scenarios that are looming over the America's beautiful skies! I was beginning to wonder where the heck we would go if this place goes down….. Long story short, my  frustration and  the need to do something was getting urgent. The routeout.com, it's  common sense goal, it's Facebook links combined with the  push of US constitution is the thing "we the people"  can do. And when something indicates and makes send  I make it my own, jump on the band wagon and run with.   It works and aligns perfectly with all my other artist  activities.  It becomes easy, effortless and fun!   So there you have it… 
    Thanks for creating http://www.therouteout.com
    Artist, Florida

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