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The Precepts of the Way to Happiness

In the video, and the accompanying booklet, each section is referred to as a precept.  This is a word that is not all that common in today's world, but it is a word that fits very well with what we are trying to convey on this site, for a precept is simply a rule or a means of conduct.

Each of these precepts are conveyed in very simple real life situations that we can all understand.  But make no mistake about about the intent.  For instance, trusting that a little secret can be kept between friends is no different than trusting that your representatives are going to tell you the truth about their true goals.  Trust is trust. 

The Individual Precepts

The individual precepts can be seen as shown below:


1.  Take Care of Yourself

2.  Be Temperate

3.  Don't Be Promiscuous

4.  Love and Help Children

5.  Honor and Help Your Parents

6.  Set a Good Example

7.  Seek to Live with the Truth

8.  Do Not Murder

9.  Don't Do Anything Illegal

10.  Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People

11.  Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will

12.  Safeguard and Improve your Environment

13.  Do Not Steal

14.  Be Worthy of Trust

15.  Fulfill Your Obligations

16.  Be Industrious

17.  Be Competent

18.  Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others

19.  Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You

20.  Try to Treat Others as You Would Like Them to Treat You

21.  Flourish and Prosper



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