1. The Starting Point

The Constitution is a wonderful and amazing document.  It is the foundation of the greatest freedoms that this world has ever seen.  However, it was written by and for people who had just committed their lives to securing freedom for themselves and others.  They wrote the Constitution as a means to govern the people they were.  

In many a sense, we aren’t those people any more.  We are ten or eleven generations removed from those patriots, and we now have a government that has perhaps distanced itself from many of the principles that were handed down to us through the sacrifice of so many of our forefathers. 

We have a lot to be thankful for with respect to our Founding Fathers, but there is one piece of the puzzle they weren’t able to put into place to make sure that this country could stand forever.  And that is – we have the guide in the Constitution with respect to what to do as Americans, but nowhere do we have the guide with respect to how to be Americans.

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